Barney Stinson Motivational Posters – From his Office

Sometimes you need motivation. A picture says more than a thousands words. Combine these two together and you will get a motivational picture/poster!

Exactly what Barney Stinson thought. On his wall at his office he has a lot of motivational posters hanging! We will walk them by every one. Together with a desktop background for it and the poster itself!

Barney Stinson’s Motivational Posters


“When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True Story” - Barney Stinson

Why is this in Barney’s office?
We all are already aware of the fact that Barney has a narsistic disorder, but he even has a poster with one of his own quotes on the wall. Pretty awesome, right?

Should you get one?
Of course. This is the poster you want to have, this is the poster which will inspire you the most! Wellworth the $22.95!


“True greatness comes when you’re tested. - Theodore Roosevelt”

Courage, something every man need. Something you can only increase with your actions!

Why is this in Barney’s office?
Barney Stinson is clearly a guy with balls. He knows what courage means. Ever saw a guy who steps into a conversation with a woman so easily? That definitely takes courage. He wants to have this message hanging around all the time and I don’t blame him for it. Courage is important to a true man.

Should you get this one?
Clearly. The poster is on Amazon only 11$, while normally it is around 33$. Besides that, courage is one of the most important believes in Barney’s religion, so yes.


“See the task ahead then overcome it”

When growing, flourishing or whatever you need to focus first. Focus brings a bro further in life.

Why is this in Barney’s office?
When Barney does something, he does it good. There is no doubt of that. One of the requirements to complete a challenge, a move or a night with a girl is focus. No distractions! And Barney knows this and cherishes it!

Should you get this poster?
In today’s life, yes you should. The modern Bro is easily distracted, which is too bad of course. If you want to keep getting better, you should be able to be distraction-free and focused! And for only $6.12, why shouldn’t you get this poster?


“We either find a way or make one”

What is a bro without a little challenge every once in a while? What would hold you back from a challenge? Well?

Why is this in Barney’s office?
‘CHALLENGE ACCEPTED’ – do I need to say more? Challenges are something Barney lives for and some of the most important things  in his life. And it should be in ours as well. If one bro can’t challenge another bro anymore, what is the use of life?

Should you get this poster?
Yes. Challenges are important for a Bro. Not getting one would be blasphemy. Especially at the ridiculous price of $15.00!



“Continuous effort is the key to unlocking your potential. - Sir Winston Churchill”

You can only become the man you can become by working on it, everyday.

Why is this in Barney’s office?
Ever looked at the guy. He doesn’t quit. He simply doesn’t. He has been hanging an entire episode with his hand in the air because he believed his joke deserved a High Five until he got one. Perseverance is clearly an important value!

Should you get this poster?
If this value is that important to Barney, it should be to as well, so YES!


“You will always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Opportunistic, seeing the opportunities when they smile at you. A bro should know when to strike!

Why is this in Barney’s office?
Of course, being as awesome as Barney doesn’t require a lot of luck, but it does help. Every once in a while a window of an opportunity can become very handy! Besides that, Barney Stinson probably sees everything as an opportunity and that is according to me the reason why this poster is hanging in his office.

Should you get this one?
Yes. I mean, opportunities are important for a bro. And with the current price at $24.99 this is a great investment for your office/room!


 ”It’s not enough to win, everyone else must also lose.”

Why is this in Barney’s office?
Well, the sentence alone should be an explanation enough already. Everybody else must lose. That is the mantra Barney Stinson lives by.

Should you get this poster?
Of course. Not only is this one of the most important mantra’s from Barney Stinson, it is also a very cool poster with jets! By the way, only $8.99!


“The chain is only as strong as the weakest link”

One bro plays the game, but only a team can win the championship!

Why is this in Barney’s office?
Off all the posters this is the weird one. Barney never shows his teamwork abilities. Most of the times he is a loner and enjoys winning on his own, not as a team. But as bro’s need to work together every once in a while, it might be a good idea.

Should you get this poster?
Yes you should. The Legendary Barney Stinson can do all the awesome things on his own, but you will probably need some sort of team aroudn you. You need to find a way to gather around people as your bro’s to make sure you are that awesome. That is why Teamwork should be an important value for you. Besides that, only $7.34!


“Wisdom comes to the inquisitive mind”

Expand our borders and find new places – that is what a man should do right?

Why is this in Barney’s office?
Barney is of course what we call a ‘real man’. This means he needs to behave like a real man. As a real man should, he provides. This doesn’t just mean earning money, the Latin words actually mean For (pro) see (videre). He should forsee, should look in the future. And therefor, should always expand their horizon and discover things!

Should you get this poster?
For sure. The art of discovery is a long lost virtue in manhood. Barney understands this problem and you should too. Get this poster now!


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